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9 Frozen shoulder pain facts and myths

Frozen shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is a condition that eventually involves considerable restriction and stiffness in the movement of the shoulder. Frozen shoulder involves a clinical diagnosis, which means it majorly made based on the examination as well as the history of the individual. 

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The diagnosis of this condition is relatively difficult, merely because there can be hundreds of problems and disorders that can contribute to frozen shoulder pain. Moreover, it can also coexist with other problems, meaning an individual may have a frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff tear and/or some other related problem.

Though few common symptoms of this ailment including stiffness and constant pain can help in the diagnosis, they are not enough to jump to the conclusion. Only after a complete diagnosis, you can find effectively frozen shoulder pain solutions

Frozen shoulder facts:

Certain groups are more prone to frozen shoulder pain – According to a study, age group of 40 and 60 are more prone to this ailment. Women and diabetics are also more susceptible as compared to the rest of the population. 

Frozen shoulder can happen for no reason – A majority of frozen shoulder cases often occur after a surgery or an injury. But there are certain instances that happen for no particular reason and can also be cure with normal pain solutions.

Frozen shoulder can be due to scar tissue forming in the shoulder capsule – The shoulder capsule helps the shoulder to move. When this capsule damages and inflames, it scars and makes your shoulder less elastic and moveable. 
Painkillers help but they are not effective pain solutions – If you are suffering from severe pain in the shoulder, you can relieve it with over-the-counter medicines. But these medicines cannot ease the pain for long.  

Physiotherapy or yoga poses can help relieve pain and ailment with time – When your shoulder is stiff, you can perform some yoga postures and exercises to make it moveable again. Yoga and physiotherapy are one effective frozen shoulder pain solutions say’s doctor Richard

Frozen shoulder can occur and disappear at any time for no reason – since there isn’t any particular problem associated with frozen shoulder, it can occur and disappear at any time.
Frozen shoulder myths:

Frozen shoulder pain takes more than 18-30 months to treat – Many health and internet care workers will tell you that this ailment takes up to 30 months to complete relieve. However, an actual treatment of frozen shoulder only takes not more than 5 months to complete treat the individual.

Performing exercises in the very early stage can prevent frozen shoulder from occurring – while exercises and yoga are a great way to fight any ailment battle but performing shoulder related exercises in the early stages of frozen shoulder can only aggravate the condition.

Steroid injections can effectively cure a frozen shoulder – Steroid injections are only used to make the symptoms go away. They don’t treat the problem completely.

Frozen shoulder pain can unbearable at times. While stiffness and immovability are common symptoms of this condition, they can easily be erased with little efforts and courage. So if you have a frozen shoulder, don’t sit waiting for your physician to make it go away. Get the complete diagnosis and treatment done. 

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