Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Get rid of those dreadful hangovers with these cures

 Having a bad hangover? Well, we have all been there. A small get-to-gather that starts with just a couple of drinks end up in a dreadful hangover in the morning. And this often makes us regret our decision of hanging out with our colleagues and/or friends after office.

best foods to cure a hangover

But instead of regretting and curing your hangover with another drink in the morning, you can cure it with some actually healthy and safe ways.

I know an amazing hangover cure is something that everybody dreams of, if they only worked. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that can instantly make your hangover go away, but there are certain cures that can make your love for alcohol and it’s after effects less painful.

Well, the point is when we consume alcohol in large quantity, we get dehydrated, resulting in a loss of plenty of useful and necessary vitamins and minerals. Since these vitamins and minerals help our brains perform many functions of our body, where breathing is one of them, insufficient amount of these nutrients increase load on our brain. This load causes severe headache known as hangover. 

As much as we all (at least those who are reading this blog) like alcohol, it has many horrible side effects on our body and brain. While many try to cure it with another shot, there are various who just kill it with extra sleep.

But we are here today to help you bid adieu to your hangover next time you plan on drinking a few extra shots at a party or a get-to-gather

 Some of the best ways to cure a hangover


  1. Drink plenty of water

Since our bodies get dehydrated severely, it is important to hydrate it again to provide it enough strength to bear banging head. Also, the more water you are drinking, the more fluids you are replacing, boosting your energy drastically. You can also switch normal water with the sports drinks such as Gatorade or more. Also, there are many best foods to cure a hangover such as avocado, beans, dried apricots and more
2. Don’t drink on empty stomach

According to NHS Choices, in order to avoid a bad hangover, you should not drink on empty stomach. And if you are planning on drinking alcohol, have a carbohydrates-rich food such as rice, paste or fats. A carbohydrate rich meal slows down our absorption of alcohol. 

3. Consume your vitamins 

Because alcohol sucks out our vitamins, consuming enough vitamins after a sports drink or two can save you from that banging head. You can take a pill that involves b1 (thiamine), b2(riboflavin), folic acid, B12, and b6 to combat a hangover.

 4. Coffee

If you are fond of caffeinated drinks, now is the time to take advantage of that. Instead of taking out your scotch bottle, drink a freshly brewed coffee to get rid of headache. 

Hangovers can be really pain in the *** but with right cure you can easily get rid of those dreadful hangovers without wasting your whole day sleeping in.

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