Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Beauty Tips and Tricks for Working Woman

She woke up in the morning, only to realize that she is late for work again, and now, no option to reach office on time by skipping make up. This is the story of most working women out there who are looking for simple and quick beauty hacks which can help them to get ready for work without spending much time on just make up. Here are some simple beauty hacks for working women which will not just save time, but also prevent you from refreshing it again and again

1. Lasting lip colorYou must have noticed that your lip color fades away after some time. But who has the time to apply it multiple times in a day. to save your lip color from fading away easily, apply any lip color of your choice and hold a tissue over it to get rid of excess dust over it. This helps to have a deeper and lasting color. 

2. Dry shampoo: Got greasy hair, need to wash them but you are falling short of time. Don’t worry, dry shampoo therapy would help. Take 1/4th cup of corn starch and mix in any essential oil. Now put it in a salt shaker and apply it on your scalp. Dust it sparingly and comb thoroughly. Remember, if you have darker hair, use cocoa powder.

3. Coconut oil as make up remover: A good moisturizer as well, coconut oil is a good make up breaker as well. It saves you from applying too much chemicals on your face and of course, acts as  a moisturizer at the same time.

4. Lip balm brow gel: You just realized that you are running short of brow gel, use your lip balm instead. Take some of your lip balm on your finger and smoother it over your brows.
5. Quick manicure trick: Apply your favourite nail color and wait for it to dry. But when you are already falling short of time, this is not an option. Instead, you can do it quickly, just apply your favourite nail colour and put your hands in a bowl of cold water and you’re done.

With these tricks, you will never have to compromise on your looks even if you are late. 

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